Dear friends:

I am writing to deliver what I believe is an important message about judicial elections in Collin County. Before I began appearing in the District courts on a regular basis, I did not pay attention our local judicial elections. However, now that I see the effect they have on my family law clients, I think it is important that all voters be informed and participate in the process. Statistically, it is very likely that you or a relative will be involved in a family law matter in Collin County. Therefore, it is probable that these elections will affect you personally.

As you may have heard, early voting is underway in the Collin County primary elections. Election day is May 29th. In Collin County, 100% of our elected officials are Republican. I’m not going to comment on whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing; it just is. Because of this, if a candidate wins the Republican primary, he or she will most likely win in the general election in November. So, for all practical purposes, the Republican primary is the only contested election. In Texas, you may vote in a party’s primary, even if you are not a member of that party. You may also vote in the Republican primary and then vote for a Democratic candidate in the general election in the Fall. So, my message to you is, Go vote in the Republican primary.

To find out where to vote, check here.  I just voted at the Elections office on Redbud this morning, there was no line, and it took me less than 5 minutes.

There are a number of contested races, and I won’t comment on all of them. But I would appreciate your vote for the following candidates:

199th District Court: ANGELA TUCKER. Angela has the most experience, and actively practices in the areas of family and criminal law – which are the majority of cases before the District courts. Her opponent is the former judge’s son, has been out of law school less than 10 years, and has never handled a criminal or family case. She is in a very close race, so she really needs your vote and support. Also, Angela happens to be African-American. Her election would be an historic event for Collin County.

380th District Court: JODY JOHNSON. Jody is board-certified in family law, and an extremely well-respected member of the bar. She also has prior criminal and civil litigation experience. She gained the support of more than 60% of the Collin County Bar Association in their recent poll, against three other candidates.

401st District Court: MARK RUSCH. Judge Rusch is the incumbent on this bench, and much more qualified than his opponent. I don’t always agree with his decisions, but he is extremely conscientious. When you need a protective order signed at 4:30 on a Friday, Judge Rusch is always still in his office.

416th District Court: Judge Chris Older is unopposed.

County Court at Law#2: SHARON RAMAGE. She has the longest legal experience, and is the only candidate with judicial experience.

If you’d like to see the complete bar poll results, they are here.

Thank you all. If you have questions, then please contact me.



I’m very excited to be blogging from my new site at WordPress.  I hope it will be easier for readers to find and use.  In the past few months I’ve opened a new office, hired an assistant, have a new telephone number and e-mail address, set up a Facebook page (, and opened a Twitter account (@melaniekmorgan). All this change has me overwhelmed at times, but I’m also looking forward to providing new and better services to my clients.

My blog will focus on information that is helpful to people going through divorce.  I’ll share information on collaborative divorce, mediated divorce, and other alternatives to traditional, litigated divorce.  I’ll also talk about mediation of all sorts of conflicts, from family law to business, from personal injury to employment.  We’re just getting geared up to provide simple wills to clients, so I’ll talk about that process as well.

I’m going to start by re-posting some of the entries from my earlier blog, which contain basic, helpful information about the divorce process.  I hope you find them helpful.

Thanks for reading!